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Recovering journalist who discovered a life outside of news leaves you time for things like getting angry, cooking and traveling. Plus, hopefully, writing. I’m a wife, dog mom and Washingtonian.

Six Hours in Northwest D.C.

Forget 36 hours in D.C., just give me six. Wake up on a perfectly sunny blue sky day and walk to the Georgetown Waterfront. Perhaps stop for coffee somewhere like Baked and Wired (enter and go to the counter on the right, the left side is the line for cupcakes and they’re delicious, but literally…

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Like Mamma Mia! But Quieter

What do you get when two slightly hungover American tourists board a flight at London-Gatwick bound for Skiathos, Greece with two rowdy hen parties in matching t-shirts with incomprehensibly British sayings? I don’t know, I fell asleep. But when I landed. Wow. Or better, “Mamma Mia!” (sung loudly, with an exclamation point). We landed in…

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Just Do It

“Why don’t I ever say no?” I lamented to a colleague after getting a text from a 73-year-old woman whose grandfather used to live in my home and who dropped by months earlier and left a note asking if one day we’d mind letting her see the house. I dreaded giving up an hour of…

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Sunday Morning Strawberry Scones

I love hosting friends and family overnight at our home, partially because guests are the best excuse to bake something sweet for breakfast. This past weekend my sister-in-law and boyfriend visited and Safeway had strawberries on sale 3 for $10. So I did what any person would do on Sunday morning: Wake up at 6:30…

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