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Recovering journalist who discovered a life outside of news leaves you time for things like getting angry, cooking and traveling. Plus, hopefully, writing. I’m a wife, dog mom and Washingtonian.

Tree House Life

I’ve found the best AirBnb in North Carolina. Perhaps all of the East Coast. It is a tree house. On an eco farm. It does not have a toilet inside. It is perfect. My much choosier husband agrees, too. I usually make the Hampton Inn Concord / Kannapolis my home base while traveling to the…

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Can I Get an Upgrade?

I’m looking to upgrade my language. I’ve told my husband hundreds of times before that I’m going to make an intentional effort to be more positive, catastrophize less, criticize less. Alas, it seems that a few days go by and then I fall back into bad habits. So, internet, I’m asking you to hold me…

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Dog Days at the Dominick Hotel

We recently went to NYC to see Lizzo at Radio City. That is a post in itself, but would just be graf after graf of effusive gushing, so I’ll resist. We stayed at The Dominick Hotel because I’m fortunate to have a best friend who really appreciates the finer things in life, and has determined…

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Outrage: I’m Walking Here!

I bumped into someone on the street earlier today, because I was walking like a moron and talking on the phone. I put away my phone and apologized to the 30-something, very tall man whom I turned into. He gave me an utter look of disgust and kept walking. I said more loudly to his…

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