Sunday Morning Strawberry Scones

I love hosting friends and family overnight at our home, partially because guests are the best excuse to bake something sweet for breakfast. This past weekend my sister-in-law and boyfriend visited and Safeway had strawberries on sale 3 for $10. So I did what any person would do on Sunday morning: Wake up at 6:30 to let the dog out, then compulsively comb the internet for the best recipe for strawberry scones.

My go-to scone recipe is this one from Food52 for “five ingredient foolproof cream scones.” To be honest, it’s the first scone recipe I ever tried, but any recipe that comes together faster than biscuits and elicits a “Wow. Wow!” from tasters is a recipe I tuck into my arsenal and use often.

Alas, that recipe is speedy and only uses fridge staples, but the scones aren’t very dense and I didn’t think they’d loads of such red ripe strawberries (anyone?) To the internet I went!

Ashley at Baker by Nature’s recipe for Fresh Strawberry Scones with Lemon Glaze looked most like what I wanted to eat in a few hours. It turned out beautifully, with a few very slight modifications that I made to support the extra fruit / and or because I’m not as skilled a baker as Ashley therefore couldn’t get the dough to hold together with so little liquid!

I added a full cup of milk, and doubled the strawberries. Rather than granulated sugar on top, I used turbinado because I like how the big granules look on top of baked goods – and think the crunch is more satisfying. Next time, I’d double the lemon zest and skip the lemon glaze, which was messy and didn’t add much flavor and soaked in so much it didn’t even look pretty.

I used the egg wash like she described, but next time would be sure to only use egg white and water because I kept fighting with the stringy yolk. Other recipes just brush additional cream on the outside, which enables the sugar to stick but doesn’t result in as much shine as an egg wash.


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