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I woke up this Thanksgiving in a bed not my own, with my Matt and my dog sprawled out like sailors after a hard nights leave. We’re staying in my best friend’s mother’s home, and I am so grateful to her and to him and the village we’ve created that has enabled this year’s mantra:…

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Lessons from Construction

When we talked about tearing down our house, living as nomads for a year, taking on prodigious amounts of debt, and building a new home together from the ground up, I figured at the very least we’d learn a lot of things about each other and ourselves. I banked on discovering some lofty truths about…

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Hole, Sweet Hole

Our home is currently a gaping pit. It is a red, crusty maw in the earth. The college kids who live next door are genuinely afraid for their safety, not trusting their drunk selves with a veritable canyon running alongside their sidewalk. Our home is a hole in the earth. This construction process has really…

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