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The Things I Do for My Dog

My favorite dog-related influencer (okay, the only influencer that doesn’t make me cringe) is a lady that Cappie and I met in the Glover Park dog park this year. She was lovely and very normal and her dog Otis played with Cappie like neither of them would ever get to see another dog again. It…

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Dog Days at the Dominick Hotel

We recently went to NYC to see Lizzo at Radio City. That is a post in itself, but would just be graf after graf of effusive gushing, so I’ll resist. We stayed at The Dominick Hotel because I’m fortunate to have a best friend who really appreciates the finer things in life, and has determined…

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DC is for the dogs

Had you told me a year ago that the phrase, “Is it dog friendly?” would be part of my daily lexicon, I’d have laughed out loud. Alas, this is me now. Calling up restaurants in hopes of convincing hosts to reserve outdoor tables. Basing my after work drinks on whether or not the restaurant has…

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