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Recovering journalist who discovered a life outside of news leaves you time for things like getting angry, cooking and traveling. Plus, hopefully, writing. I’m a wife, dog mom and Washingtonian.

Caramelized Onion Creamy Potato Soup – Or, “Why Doesn’t Everyone Use Leftovers Like This?”

We celebrated my mother-in-law’s birthday last night with a soup and bread buffet. Yes, my anxiety-baking has now turned into a habit, and it’s really great to have fresh bread on the table with every meal. This is definitely not on the “No Excuses November” body satisfaction plan. But I digress.  I made two soups,…

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Comfort Food: Pumpkin Fondue

My No Excuses November “Conscious eating” column has no check marks so far, because I think like many people, I’m answering my anxiety and sadness with food. For Halloween I made this terrific Food52 recipe for “fondue” in a pumpkin. It looked even cooler in real life than these pictures, and tasted just as good.…

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Hoping and Baking

So it’s about 6:30 a.m. on Election Day and I just fussed with my bread. Yesterday I put together Mark Bittman’s No Knead Dough which takes 18 hours to rise, thinking this would be a welcome distraction on a day where I could really use a welcome distraction. I also made about 12 lists, updated…

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Sunday Night Comfort Pasta

You might notice a trend by now: Carbs are comfort in my family. Whether it’s biscuits for breakfast or five pounds of potatoes for four people, I rely heavily on carbs. I’m not good with tears. I offer carbs. Leaving aside the merits of this, or the long-term viability for my waistline, I proffer this…

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Apple Muffins

I have something to admit. I bought a bushel of apples. This is the most annoying influencer/millennial thing I’ve done all year — overbought seasonal produce to the point I have to complain about it and serve said produce in weird ways. In my defense, I did not pick a bushel of apples whilst wearing…

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Perfect Shredded Chicken

Do you have things that you know you shouldn’t need a recipe for, but every time you start to make it, you look up the recipe? Like “perfect egg” or “effortless baked potato?” I know I do. Is Google the reason my brain just refuses to keep this sort of information at the forefront anymore? This…

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Today, I Want to Be My Dog

I looked at Cappie this morning and thought, “I want to be you.” Then I burst into tears, because of the absurdity of that thought. But I felt it, genuinely. I don’t know why this is so hard or why I feel like an asparagus rubberband stretched around the Twin Towers, but I’m ready to…

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